5 Easy DIYs to Turn Unused Items from Plain to Great

Often, when you found an unused item, you just want to throw it away. You may also try to sell it in a thrift store, but probably you won’t get much money out of it. But, is throwing it away or selling it in a pawn shop is the best way to get rid of unused items?

For those who are creative, you may have another way to get the most of the unused item. You can try to re-use the unused item and make your house looks more artistic, unique, and without cost you dollars. Who knows that it can be your next hobby and your most favorite activity to do in your free time.

So, what unused item that you can turn into a decovarite one? The answer is ‘LOTS’. You can almost turn everything that looks ‘dull’ into a ‘new’ one.

Here are some ideas for you to turn a ‘rubbish‘ into a decorative item.

1. Make your own button lamp

own button lampDo you get bored with plain-looking lamp? Well, here is an idea to make it more looks artistic and valuable – without spending a penny. You can use buttons to cover the shade of your old lamp.

• Lamp shape
• Buttons in various colours and sizes
• Glue

• Clean the shade.
• Put glue on the buttons.
• Put the buttons on the lamp shade.
• You can put the buttons randomly or by following a pattern. Do as you wish!
• And, voila, you will get a brand new lamp.

2. Decorative wall item from unused spoons

creative unused spoons wall decorationThen piling your old spoons in a cabinet, it’s better to turn them into a new decorative item! You don’t need to spend money or time to make it. This is one of the easiest and quickest DIYs out there.

• Spoons
• Glue
• Canvas
• Oil paint

• Clean the spoons.
• Pour the oil paint into a container.
• Dip half of the spoons to the container.
• Wait until the spoons are dry.
• Place the spoons in a canvas and glue them.

3. Beautiful table from pile of books

table from bookDo you have unused and old books? Then, you can turn them into a beautiful and artistic table. It’s so easy to make it. You can just pile them up and there you go: a brand new table.

• Unused books
• Glue
• Wooden boards
• Paint

• Pile the books as you wish, you can put them randomly or neatly.
• Glue each book to make it stronger.
• Put a wooden board on top of the pile.
• Paint the board with a colour of your choice.

4. Vase from unused bottles

vase from bottleIn the olden days, you can try to sell old bottles and newspapers in a thrift shop. Now it’s getting harder to sell them because they’re deemed as not valuable. Then, the only option now is to throw away your old bottles in the bin. But seeing it from an environmental perspective, botttles are a non-organic garbage that cannot decay.

This is why reusing bottles as a home décor item is a wiser way than just trowing tem away. You can re-use them to create a lamp. When it’s done, be prepared to get praises from your friends and neighbors!

• Old bottles
• Paint
• Plants

• Clean the bottles.
• Paint them with a color of your choice. You can also replace the paint with a ballon to cover the unused bottles.
• You can also fill the bottle with colorful sands.
Fill the bottle with a plant or flower.

5. Lamp grate

lamp grateDo you have an unused cheese grate made of stainless steel? When it’s already broken and you can’t use it again, you can try to change it into a brand new lamp! The lights that passing through the holes in the grate can create a stunning silhoutte effect. It’s super easy to make it and you don’t have to put much effort into it. So, here is how you make a lamp grate.

• Grate
• Paint
• Cable
• Lamp
• Bulb

• Paint the grate with a color that you want.
• Make a hole on the grate to put the cable in.
• Put the cable in and the fitting inside of the grate.
• Install the bulb.
• Voila, your grate lamp is done and you can put it in any room you like.

Unused items are not necessary useless! With a touch of creativity, you can turn them into a home decor item that is unique and artistic. Good luck trying!

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