adeleHi, I am Adele! Thank for visiting my mini blog! We are going to talks more about the home design, and other things based what I liked, but mostly about DIY skill. Based on my experience, you don’t have to have a ‘crazy’ DIY skill or ‘massive’ budget to make your home comfy and looks more appealing.

I never use heavy tools or other fancy tools. You will never see me replacing or rebuilding a sofa (cause that’s hectic!). I have a sewing machine, with a zero knowlegde on how to use it….And even though i think that details play an important part in designing a house, i don’t think you need to be too stressed out about it.

When you’re reading my blog, i hope it can give you major inspirations and that it won’t be intimidating for you. Here is the place where I will share my idea and experience on ‘how to decorate a house’ that is liveable for many people (and how to make a husband who only needs a lazy chair to feel fully relaxed after a long hour at work). This is where I will share simple DIY tips and projects that everyone can easily follow! Simple tools, simple ideas, and simple techniques are what you can expect from my blog.

I like the sensation of hunting, especially secondhand antique items, and re-arranging my interior… and those are one of many reasons why I started this blog on fall 2009.