5 Asbestos Dangers on Your Health and How to Prevent It

It’s actually not a good news for any home renovator. Last year, when I start researching about the danger of DIY home renovation, I found a serious problem there, it’s about asbestos material. In fact, asbestos is still in use in many countries. Asbestos is dangers, I just aware about it!

If you are one of the renovation and design project players like me (DIY lover!), then you should care about this thing. Lest dive in.

Do you still use asbestos as plafond or ceiling in your house? If so, this article may help you realise the dangerous of asbestos for your health. Probably you don’t feel anything real right now, but the bad effects of the harmful substance will happen after years of getting exposed to.

the danger of asbestos to your lungAsbestos is a mining product which consists of silicate, calcium and magnesium in the form of fibre. More than 2 million tons of asbestos have been taken from all over the mining world in 2009. The use of asbestos is still increasing until now for many purposes including roofing, canvas brake, cable insulation and many more.

One of the reason asbestos is being used as house roofing is because of its cheaper than any other materials. Moreover, it is practical to be installed. But people should be aware there’s a hidden danger behind its simplicity. Being exposed to the harmful substance may cause health hazard.

Asbestos dust can be inhaled easily when it goes airborne. The symptoms of severe illness caused by asbestos probably will be felt in the future. The fibre dust is really dangerous. The effect is even more dangerous than smoking tobacco. Asbestos dust that lurks inside your lungs can be so dangerous because of its carcinogenic characteristic. What is the meaning of it? it’s mean we are as DIY person, don’t remove any asbestos material, it might hurt our health, find someone pro to help us, the step by step to do this dangerous project can be found on this asbestos removal in Brisbane example project. (Image via wikipedia)

So, what is the dangerous effects of asbestos for your health?